The Simplest Way to Achieve Microsoft Messaging Competency Revealed

What is Microsoft Messaging Competency?

Microsoft Messaging competency is a partnership program for partners with exceptional expertise in email management and server integration solutions. With exclusive training, using the latest software, and support on Microsoft Exchange solutions, partners, are able to help customers create reliable communications without accruing infrastructure and maintenance costs of independent systems.


How Can One Achieve Microsoft Messaging Competency?

To achieve promotion to the Gold Messaging Competency, you need to pass all Microsoft exams and obtain all certified professional qualifications.


Is there an alternative way to achieve this Competency?

Achieving the Microsoft Messaging competency is made easier by Through us, you get the chance of hiring highly qualified MCPs from the Microsoft Partnership Network. This way you enjoy business success since you specialize in what you do best as HireMCP gives you the qualified MCPs.


What are the Benefits of this Competency?

The messaging competency is classified into two membership plans i.e. Silver & Gold Membership. The benefits are also classified into the two plans. They include:

Benefits Silver Gold
Receive core benefits as part of your Microsoft Partner Network membership Yes Yes
Unlimited Signature Cloud Support Yes Yes
Eligibility for the Microsoft Managed Reseller Incentive Yes Yes
Eligibility for the Microsoft Hosting Incentive Yes Yes
Deepen customer relationships by providing Skype for Business and Exchange Deployment Services (S&EDPS) Yes Yes
Access Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise internal-use software licenses. 3 licenses 5 licenses



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