How HireMCP can help you become Microsoft Gold Partner.

How HireMCP can help you become Microsoft Gold Partner.

Who is Microsoft Gold Partner?

Microsoft Gold Partner is an organization that has agreed to establish a close working relationship with Microsoft. Earning this status will help distinguish your business from your counterpart, recent reports from Microsoft partner shows excellent development in sales and profitability index of Microsoft certified partners. High-level commitment with Microsoft guarantees you maximum satisfaction with a better deal than your competitors.

Why go for Microsoft Gold Partner?

There are three main reasons why you should go for Microsoft Gold partner
1. The need to differentiate your business from your competitors: Microsoft competency distinguishes you from the competition by showing your customers the level of your skills and experience.
2. The need to capitalize on specific benefits to your specialized area that will align with your business life cycle: Your advancement in Microsoft partner relationship comes with greater benefits. These benefits will help you capitalize on all stages of your business life span, right from planning and evaluating prospective investments with latest business tools, enabling your company with early access to new software, creating demand using marketing campaigns and directories with customer, increasing business sales through some rewarding programs as well as convincing presentations. It also improving customer service with in-depth technical support and providing advisory service and improving customers’ satisfaction through online survey feedback.
3. The need to align your business with Microsoft: If you need a reliable and satisfactory cloud company with the mutual drive for success in today’s market then you need Microsoft, very dependable.


To fulfill your Microsoft competency requirements, you need to associate yourself with Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP). HireMPC is a leading IT consultant, with access to successful and certified MCPs, who are ready to see you through earning your Microsoft Gold Partner status without stress and in no time.
Are you ready to receive your Gold partner status?
HireMPC is your fastest and safest connection to achieving that.

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