How Cloud Platform competency can improve your business

The Microsoft cloud platform competency is a partnership program specializing in delivering infrastructure and software as asset solutions, (SaaS Solutions) on Microsoft Azure. The main aim of this partnership program is to turn independent software vendors into Managed Service Providers. This competency earns you a place among the Azure elite.

After qualifying through the proven cloud performance, new partners attain the silver level at no cost and later gain access to the Gold level at a subsidized fee. As a result, they can enjoy both Silver and Gold entitlement benefits.


Cloud Platform Competency Benefits and Requirements

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Competency is classified into two membership plans, i.e. Silver & Gold Membership. As a result, the competency benefits are also classified into the two membership plans.

Benefits Silver Gold
A set of additional benefits to your MPN Membership Yes Yes
Access to Microsoft Azure bulk credits and internal-use rights benefits US $6,000 Azure credit per annual subscription and US$100 monthly Azure credit from competency core US$12,000 Azure Credit per annual subscription and US$100 monthly Azure credit from competency core
Access to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with MSDN subscriptions and internal-use software licenses 5 licenses 25 licenses
Eligibility for Azure Consumption Incentives Yes Yes
Unlimited Signature Cloud Support Yes Yes
Credit towards the required eligibility criteria for the Microsoft Managed Reseller Incentive Yes Yes
Eligibility for the Microsoft Hosting Incentive Yes Yes
Premium priority Microsoft Referrals placement Yes Yes
Eligibility for Azure Deployment Planning Services Yes Yes
Eligibility to deploy certain on-premises, internal-use software on Microsoft Azure Yes Yes
Concierge engagement to maximize MPN benefits Yes Yes



Competency Requirements

Anyone in the IT business willing to join the Microsoft Cloud Platform Competency should not be worried about the competency requirements such as hiring MCPs and passing exams. You only need to hire an MCP from and become a Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Partner.

Being an experienced IT outsourcing company, HireMCP connects you to capable MCPs and earn you a promotion to the Gold Partner status within a short time. This in return helps to grow your business in all fronts thus ensuring you get more profits.

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